Responsible tourism and sustainable hospitality is a culture that we embrace and a belief that we practice! To take responsibility and oversee our decisions and acts we have established a number of initiatives towards our environment, Community.

Saving the Energy

We try to act as an example, and we encourage our guest and stuff as well as our other friends Riads to save energy where possible by acting responsibly through buying locally, only printing where necessary and reusing items such as bath towels and paper.

Our energy saving efforts include:

Light bulbs

We only use energy efficient light bulbs.

Towel Use

We introduced Save Our Planet card where all guests are encouraged to leave towels in the bath if they would like them changed, otherwise they can be reused.

Plant As You Go

We have planted over 100 trees in the Riad. The plan is to help create quality air all around the Riad and to create enough green space in a small surface. It also helps in cooling the Riad during a hot summer.

Solar Panels

We have installed Solar Panels to promote the use of clean energy and consequently to reduce the level of CO2 level in the air create from normal energy.

Keeping the Original Architecture

Keeping the original architecture is a perfect way to keep the authentic and original ecological system of the building. High ceiling and open courtyard contribute to a good aeration. Thick walls helps to keep the Riad cool in summer and warm in the winter. Some of our guests hardly use the Air conditioner as they don’t feel the need to. A lot of saving in energy!

Saving the energy does not have a good impact only on our business but also a positive one on our environment.



Here at Riad Alassala we believe in recycling, although the idea is simple, it’s an extremely effective way to sustain the future. In a world of diminishing natural resources it is important to reuse and recycle the resources that we do have most efficiently.


Here are just some of our recycling initiatives:

Recycling toiletries:

All our soaps and toiletries are recycled, which reduces waste to land fill and benefits humanitarian projects within local communities.


Everyday Items: We recycle paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, cans and printer cartridges as a standard.

Lost Property:  Lost property that has been unclaimed after 3 months is given to people in need or alternatively recycled.

Recycling Bins:  All of our rooms have in room recycling bins, to encourage guests to recycle.

Reduce the use of unnecessary items: We are now reducing the use of unnecessarily plastic items.

Food Waste: All food waste is split and recycled.

Our Community:

We are so involved in our community simply because we are part of it! Each one of us forms a part of the community. Below is a list of our initiatives to contribute and give back to the community

Medina Walls Painting

This idea was actually initiated by the local teenagers during the Covid-19 lock down. Young boys and girls came with the idea to paint the outside wall of their building or apartment. Soon the idea spread all over the Medina and the city. We appreciated the idea and we wanted to be part of it, so we did provide the participants with tools and materials to help them implements the project.

Achoura Initiative

We take part in the traditional religious festive of Achoura donation to local Children’s Charity.

Earth Hour

Annually we take part in Earth Hour, a worldwide movement, encouraging businesses like ours and people including our staff to turn off non-essential electric for one hour.

Medina Children’s Library Charity

The Medina Children’s Library was established to encourage literacy and a love of reading in the children of the Fez Medina community. 

We are proud to support them. Raising money to buy books for children to read and acquire knowledge, is an absolute privilege!

Friends of Fez Orphans

It is a non-profitable organisation that helps in improving the lives of children in Fes by providing socialization, therapy, and education along with hugs, smiles, and compassion. We are proud to support them. Putting a smile on a child’s face is priceless and makes us take pride of what we do.


Our Environment


As we are committed to our community, we are also committed to our environment. We are proud to sustain the planting of 100 trees in our Riad and encourage other Riads to do the same. We also continue to work to eliminate unnecessary single-use plastics with a number of initiatives, like using fresh produce from our local suppliers. We have taken the below initiatives to allow us to have a positive impact on our environment:


We use the web browser Ecosia, which plants trees with the revenue generated from advertisements. And we do encourage all Riads to use this web browser.

Plant As You Go:

We have planted over 100 trees in the Riad. The plan is to help create quality air all around the Riad and to create enough green space in a small surface. It also helps in cooling the Riad during a hot summer.

Plant a Tree:

Together with other Riads and establishments, we started a programme that promote planting a tree at each house doorstep in the medina.

No TV’s

Helps conservation of the original authentic peaceful atmosphere of the Riad and give an opportunity to our guest to live this atmosphere.


Sustainable tourism is about re-focusing and adapting. We need to address our environmental and social concerns through policies, practices and initiatives with others.